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        Why choose LUCOHOSE-1

        LUCOHOSE? is a technological enterprise with expert capability in exploring, developing, designing, and testing industrial hose products. Our products are guaranteed through a perfected quality control system that meets all industry standards.

        We GUARANTEE high quality products that are delivered exactly on time.

        — Our Strength —

        • Founded in: 1983;
        • OEM & ODM experience: 30+ years;
        • Annual output: 5,000,000 meters;
        • Fitting Annual Production: 2,000,000 pcs;
        • Hose Assembly Annual Production: 300,000 pcs;
        • Factory size: 9,800 m2;
        • Main Processing Machines: 180 sets;
        • Quality Inspection Machines: 20 sets;
        • Our Staff: 140 employees;
        • Technical Engineers: 16 employees;

        — Our Factory —

        Industrial Hose Supplier
        Hydraulic Hose Supplier

        — Certifications —

        ISO 9001:2008

        Management system?certification

        Management system?certification

        Management system?certification

        Mining product safety certification mark

        Mining product safety certification mark

        — Contact Us —

        Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

        We look forward to partnering with you to help meet your industrial product needs.

        Rm.1811, Huaxia Media Building

        No.53. Avenue,?Yantai City,

        Shandong, China. 264000